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ProteoFormiX's team is growing

Thanks to EIT Health, imec.istart, BlueHealth Innovation and the significant support by VLAIO, ProteoFormiX is now expanding its scientific and technical support team.

It is with great pleasure that Peter Verhaert, founder and CEO, welcomes two postdocs to ProteoFormiX. Dr. Kenneth Verheggen, PhD graduated from the University of Ghent Department of Biomolecular Medicine & VIB (Flanders Interuniversity Institute of Biotechnology) will help ProteoFormiX grow with his fully up-to-date bioinformatics knowledge. Dr. Remco Crefcoeur, PhD graduated from the University of Geneva Department of Molecular Biology, will enrich the team of ProteoFormiX with his expertise on peptide mass spectrometry analytics.

More news on ProteoFormiX's scientific team expansion with international experts, both in novel PhD as well as postdoc projects, will follow shortly.

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