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Research projects

ProteoFormiX developed proprietary top-down proteomics and mass spectrometry imaging-based technology that is elegantly suited for biomarker discovery. We prefer to engage in research projects with biomedical/pharmaceutical partners who are experts in diseases with a high unmet medical need today, and are committed to their success.

Typical projects include thorough comparative analyses of proteoforms

  • present in healthy versus diseased samples,

  • in clinical as well as pre-clinical samples,

  • collected from subjects untreated versus treated, with placebo, with drugs, or with drug candidate molecules.

Unique top-down approach

No disease or therapeutic area exists in which ProteoFormiX’ technology cannot be applied. Unique in ProteoFormiX' proprietary analytical approach is that it allows for specific translational biomarker discovery directly from (formaldehyde-fixed, paraffin-embedded) biobanked clinical tissues. This is of particular interest for diseases which today can only be unambiguously diagnosed in biopsy or autopsy material.


The primary areas of focus in which ProteoFormiX is currently active on a project basis, with its unique top-down mass spectrometry identification and analysis approach, are:

  • neuronal diseases (various types of neurodegeneration, multiple sclerosis, …)

  • oncology (colon, breast, urogenital cancers, pituitary adeno-carcinoma, …)

  • infectious (in particular pulmonary) diseases

  • eye specific disorders (dry eye disease, glaucoma, …)

  • as well as metabolic diseases (diabetes, …).

Instrumentation and know-how

Apart from the above cited core business, the available high performance mass spectrometry (MS) instrumentation and know-how allow ProteoFormiX to offer classical bottom-up or shot gun proteomics services, as well as MS based analyses to characterize biomolecules (proteins in particular).

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