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Looking back at 2023

As we say goodbye to 2023, let's look back at some of the moments, events and conferences that shaped its 12 months. Amongst other achievements, 2023 was a year of strengthened industry partnerships, where ProteoFormiX' MSHC patent was granted and we traveled to Sweden, the USA, Canada and China.

Year-round: Collaboration with LIST and MassTech US (Luxemburg & USA)

  • Our collaboration with the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) enabled us to take mass spectrometry histochemistry (MSHC) on FFPE (formaldehyde-fixed, paraffin embedded) tissue sections to the next level in terms of both resolution (spatial and MS) and sensitivity. Thanks Gilles Frache and Maureen Feucherolles!

  • 2023 was also the year where we intensified our partnership with MassTech US and India, broadening our perspectives for a sustainable future. Thanks Richard Lee, Venkat Panchagnula, and Nivedita Bhattacharya!

January-February: Alumnus from JLABS (Beerse, Belgium)

At the start of 2023, we became a proud alumnus from the JLABS (Johnson and Johnson Innovation Center) program. Our gratitude goes out to Elena Fernandez-Kleinlein and Tom Aelbrecht for the continued interest and support from JLABS@BE.

February: Agreement with BioNotus (Antwerp, Belgium)

The agreement with BioNotus enabled us to keep our AP/MALDI high resolution MS operational at the Science Park of the University of Antwerp. We greatly appreciate the help from Johan Van Daele and Prof. Pieter Annaert!

March 27-29: Regional Mass Spectrometry Imaging Spring Workshop (Uppsala, Sweden)

We gave an oral presentation at the Regional Mass Spectrometry Imaging Spring Workshop at Uppsala. Many thanks to Prof. Per Andrén for the opportunity.

March 28: MSHC patent granted (USA)

Our MSHC patent got granted in the US. Thank you Sara Reekmans and Laurens Brocken from Arnold and Siedsma!

June: 71st ASMS Conference (Houston, USA)

We held an oral and poster presentation at ASMS Houston.

July: Mass Spec Imaging Course (Texas, USA)

We actively contributed to the Mass Spec Imaging Course at University of Texas at Austin. Thank you Prof. Erin Seeley for the opportunity!

October: 1st IMSIS Conference (Montreal, Canada)

We gave an oral presentation at the first International Mass Spectrometry Imaging Society (IMSIS) Conference in Montreal. Thank you Prof. Pierre Chaurand for the opportunity!

November: 35th National Conference of Environmental Chemistry (Wuhan, China)

It was a truly wonderful experience for Peter Verhaert to present ProteoFormix' latest high resolution mass spec imaging work in Suzhou, Beijing and Wuhan at various universities, institutions, laboratories and give a well-attended plenary lecture at the National Conference for Environmemtal Chemistry. We are very grateful to Prof. Zongwei Cai from HongKong Baptist University for the invitation and Prof. Charles Liu from ASPEC for getting ProteoFormiX its very first introduction to China!

December: 35th International Lake Louise Tandem Mass Spectrometry Workshop (Lake Louise, Canada)

We greatly enjoyed our time connecting and gave two presentations at the 35th International Lake Louise Tandem Mass Spectrometry Workshop. Thanks Prof. Raf Sciot from Leuven University Hospital and Christoph Rampitsch from Agriculture Canada.

After another year around the globe, we are looking forward to uncovering what 2024 has in store for us as we continue our journey. Happy New Year from all of us at ProteoFormiX!

Images via Peter Verhaert, pikisuperstar on Freepik and Vektorjuice on Freepik.

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