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ProteoFormiX benefits from a scientific (international) network of academic and industrial experts and advisors with relevant science and business know-how.

The following people are so generous as to offer advice in their areas of expertise.

Mark Ramael.png

MD, PhD, Prof. Mark Ramael

Head Pathology, General Hospital Lier, and University of Antwerp, Belgium

Marthe Verhaert.png

MD Marthe Verhaert

Advisor internal medicine &

medical oncology

Cedric Hauben.png

LLM Cedric Hauben

Legal advisor

Julie Verhaert.png

MBE Julie Verhaert

Communication Officer

Werner Vandevelde.png

MPD Werner Vandevelde

Marketing specialist


Bram Goossens

IT, Database & Network engineering


Jan Jacops

Electronical engineering

Karel Laenen.JPG

Karel Laenen

Electromechanical engineering

Per Andren.png

PhD, Prof. Per Andrén

University of Uppsala, Sweden

Founder of SwePep

Raf Sciot.png

MD, PhD, Prof. Raf Sciot

Head Pathology, University Hospital Leuven, Belgium


MD, PhD, Prof. Peter Raus

Ophthalmology and Ocular Surgery

Miró Eye Clinic Geel, Belgium

Mark Baker.png

PhD, Prof. Mark Baker

Former president of HUPO (the Human Proteome Organization), Syndey, Australia

Pedro Fernandes.png

MSc Pedro Fernandes

Research Scientist at the Faculty of Medicine, Porto Univ., Elixir Bioinformatics, Oeiras, Portugal

Neil Kelleher.png

PhD, Prof. Neil Kelleher

President of the Worldwide Consortium on Top-Down Proteomics, Chicago, USA

Jaione Maiz.png

MBD, PhD Jaione Maiz

Business Development, Investor at Anzu Partners, Stanford, CA, USA

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